Season 13

  • Season 13, Episode 5 – Thunder Road: Vendetta

    Board Boys are back for another Rob’s-coworker-Jack-guested, high octane, high voltage thriller as we take a look at Thunder Road: Vendetta from Restoration Games. Also in this episode- Finance Blurb with Cam (from Pyramid Ponzi Advisory Group), Rob rates a game twice, and several more minutes of Kazoo that Tune than anybody ever wanted.

    0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

    2:30 Business Name/Shady Annuity Cam

    6:00 Taylor Swift 4 Hour Performance/Dream Concert

    13:15 Fit to Print

    18:00 Blacksmiths of Steinheimer

    22:45 CULTivate

    26:00 Thunder Road: Overview

    30:00 Vehicle – Ides of March

    31:00 Thunder Road: Review

    53:30 Thunder Road: Verdict

    1:05:30 Board Boys Bump: My Father’s Work

    1:11:00 Thank You, Patrons

    1:11:15 Kazoo That Tune: Vendetta

    1:24:45 I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith


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  • Season 13, Episode 4 – The Wolves

    Den Daddies are back by which I mean to say Board Boys are back, here to alpha wolf dom out all the little soy boy baby dawgs in THE WOLVES, a game about growling and howling at your enemies to DOM THEM OUT. Who will snarl the meanest and win the wolf trophy?

    0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

    5:30 Lords of Waterdeep

    8:15 Cretaceous Rails Kickstarter preview and mini review with Alex from Spielcraft Games

    Kickstarter Link –

    24:00 After Us

    31:30 Zoo Vadis, Ra revisited

    36:00 Wild Tiled West

    41:00 Baldur’s Gate 3 commentary

    47:00 Thanks Antofadude from Lil Wreckers Workshop

    50:00 The Wolves: Overview

    53:00 I am a Wolf, You are the Moon – Craig Wedren

    54:30 The Wolves: Review

    1:19:45 The Wolves: Verdict

    1:24:15 Board Boys Bump: Carnegie

    1:28:45 Thank You, Patrons

    1:29:45 Dancing in the Moonlight – Thin Lizzy (The completely different song of the same name by King Harvest is worth listening to as well if you’re reading this)




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  • Season 13, Episode 3 – Barcelona

    0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

    5:45 Deep Dive

    9:30 The Wolves

    12:00 Moon River

    16:15 Ra

    20:00 Zoo Vadis

    24:30 Rome in a Day

    27:00 Forest Shuffle

    32:15 Barcelona: Overview

    36:00 We’re From Barcelona – I’m From Barcelona

    37:30 Barcelona: Review

    1:08:30 Barcelona: Verdict

    1:15:15 Board Boys Bump: Hansa Teutonica

    1:20:00 Thank You, Patrons

    1:23:00 Cantares (Caminante, No Hay Camino) – Joan Manuel Serrat (de Barcelona)

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  • Season 13, Episode 2 – Sabika

    Board Boy Bill is back in the saddle for a repeat appearance in Sabika, a game about balancing the lightning bolt with the infinity sign. Also, car fires, PP Rain, Chilling With My Pepsi Like Sheesh, Bowser’s Back Door, and many other one episode catchphrases.

    0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

    2:30 Cam’s Top 2 Car Fires

    11:15 Anomaly

    15:30 The Logo Game

    17:00 Frosthaven

    25:30 Whistle Mountain

    30:00 Burgle Bros

    38:30 Sabika: Overview

    43:45 I’ve Been Hurt – Bill Deal and the Rhondels

    45:30 A Beaument with Mo: Unmatched

    52:45 Sabika: Review

    1:21:45 Sabika: Verdict

    1:28:15 Board Boys Bump: Bitoku

    1:33:15 Thank You, Patrons

    1:34:30 The Ronettes – Be My Baby

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  • Season 13, Episode 1 – Expeditions

    Board Boys are back with a brand new season (for catalogue purposes) and playing the sequel to Scythe, Expeditions (Stonemaier Games). Also in this Episode, Board Boy Bill joins us for the first half of a Board Boy Bill double feature, Cam gets the podcast canceled again if anyone was listening, and Rob stands in his truth for the first time ever. (This is the first episode in about six months where there isn’t 30 minutes of King’s Dilemma and restaurant talk)

    0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

    2:30 Cam’s peanut-brained question about the theme

    4:30 For Sale

    9:45 The K Man Audits: Cam’s Top 5 Luciani Games

    15:30 Joan of Arc (Orleans roll and write)

    18:30 Hadrian’s Wall

    23:30 QE

    27:45 Expeditions: Overview

    32:15 Ice Flow – The Mighty Boosh

    33:45 Expeditions: Review

    1:11:15 Expeditions: Verdict

    1:23:15 Board Boys Bump: Agricola

    1:29:00 Thank You, Patrons

    1:30:00 Digging for Gold – Sally Oldfield


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