Season 2

  • Season Two, Episode Twelve – Lords of Waterdeep

    Time to break out your mystical cloaks and your ancient daggers, The Board Boys have set out on an adventure to the Forgotten Realms with DM Kevan Murphy in Lords of Waterdeep! We all quested our best but, in the end, only one can control this thriving port city. Also included: Cam gets stuck in the mud. Josh discusses his freelance rates for creating D&D ambience. Frank has choice words about a local taco establishment.

  • Season Two, Episode Eleven – Kemet

    In this episode, joined by infamous Egyptologist Jon Merkle, your favorite Boys journeyed to the land of the pharaohs and sphinxes and kitties in Kemet! Who was best at using the power of prayer to their advantage? What are Cardi B’s and Bow Wow’s full names? How does Josh really feel about the late Nate Dogg? What two animals combine to make Jon’s true form? All of these pressing questions will be answered! PLUS: Cam debuts a hot new intro tune for “Plug or Beef” and Frank makes up football player names.

  • Season Two, Episode Ten – Spirit Island

    Turns out a beautiful tropical island isn’t so relaxing when you have to protect it from hoards of ravaging settlers. This week the boys and middle school science teach, Jason Thompson, battled the settlers in Spirit Island by Greater Than Games. In addition to Spirit Island the boys discuss popular ‘scientific’ theories for the creation of Earth, talk about games they’ve gotten to the table recently, revisit the value of a game versus the cost of a game and introduce a new segment, ‘Plug or Beef?’

  • Season Two, Episode Nine – Codenames

    The code is ‘great – four’ can you guess which four words relate to great to win? Board Boys Campbell, Frank, Josh and their guest Jill (aka agent Suddenly Snoozin’) sure can. This week the gang takes on Codenames by Czech Games Edition, pitting team Frank/Jill against team Cam/Josh. In addition to breaking down the game the group discusses their favorite movie obscenity edits, the time Jill’s mother-in-law won the Price is Right and the other games that have been making it to the table recently.

  • Season Two, Episode Eight – T.I.M.E Stories

    The boys time traveled to the 1920s in this week’s episode, in T.I.M.E Stories by Space Cowboy Games. Joined by the fifth official Board Boy, ‘our buddy Rob’, the boys traveled through time and space to uncover the mysteries hidden in a 1920s insane asylum. The boys also discuss their recent trip to Gen Con, discussing highlights from the trip and games that got them most jazzed for the future. Rob also talks through his approach for the ultimate game, deciding which game to bring to a board game night.

  • Season Two, Episode Seven – Game of Thrones (Second Edition)

    The Board Boys made their alliances, defended the Wall and battled for control of the Iron Throne this week in Games of Thrones (Second Edition). The boys, and their guest Jason, took on the roles of Houses Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy aka ‘Joy Boys’ and Baratheon as they battled, backstabbed and bribed their way to victory. In addition in discussing GoT the boys also discuss Josh’s recent trip to San Diego Comic Con, what they’ve been getting to the table recently and where you can meet Josh and Cam at Gen Con!

  • Episode 6.5 – Sidereal Confluence

    Josh decided to go on “vacation” this week attending the annual comic book convention in San Diego, but that isn’t going to stop the Board Boys from dropping a new bonus episode! Board Boys Cam and Frank finally got to play Campbell’s current favorite game, Sidereal Confluence, with help from three of their dearest friends. Together the group dissected the good, the bad and the different in this trading game set in the Elysian quadrant. Did Frank love this game as much as Campbell? Listen now to find out!

  • Season Two, Episode Six – Twilight Imperium 4th Ed.

    Have you ever gazed at the stars and thought “Man, outer space would be the coolest setting for an Opera … wait, a SPACE Opera.” TBBP definitely have and so has Fantasy Flight Games. This week the boys tackled the galactic, universe-sized board game that is Twilight Imperium 4th Ed. The game is huge, the game is long and the game definitely did not disappoint. Joined by their good friend, Terry Tyler Crooks, the boys explored and conquered the farthest reaches of the galaxy in this week’s episode.

  • Season Two, Episode Five – Le Havre

    Sometimes you play a game correctly and have a great time. Sometimes you play a game really, REALLY incorrectly and it ruins the experience. Luckily time travel exists and allows the Board Boys to correct the mistakes made during their Le Havre games. Joined by the unofficial fourth board boy, Ben W., the boys built their tableaus and grew their fishing city empires while struggling to keep their workers fed and happy. Spoiler – Workers don’t like extra salted pretzels because they make them thirsty.

  • Season Two, Episode 4.5 – Karuba

    Have you ever wondered what happens when the Board Boys and their guest make a terrible, terrible mistake that ruins the play through of the game they planned to play for a new episode? Turns out they turn their frowns upside down with a few games of Karuba! In this week’s bonus episode the boys talk about the highs, lows, turns and curves of this tile-laying family game. The boys also dust off one of Campbell’s least favorite segments and talk about the benefits of getting a $50,000 podcast donation.

  • Season Two, Episode Four – Scythe

    The boys are back and visiting alternate-history 1920s this week in Scythe by Stonemaier Games. Joined by Josh’s brother-in-law, David, the boys assumed the role of one of five different Eastern European factions vying for control of ‘The Factory’ and the enticing technology it possesses. Will Olga and her pet tiger Changa win the day? Or will victory go to Anna and her lovable bear, Wojtek? Will David and his new puppy ever want to play board games with us again? We hope so, but find out for yourself now!

  • Season Two, Episode Three – Azul vs. Sagrada

    We’re putting two of the best abstract games head-to-head in this week’s episode. Fighting out the red corner, Azul by Plan B Games and fighting out of the blue corner, Sagrada by Floodgate Games. We went from the windows to the walls in our newest episode and had a heck of a time breaking down two of the best abstract games from 2017.

    Our buddy Erik (aka Jeezy) joined us to talk pros, cons and in-betweens about these two darling titles. We also¬†spend some time talking about the good ol’ days and pizza.

  • Season Two, Episode Two – Power Grid

    The Board Boys took the reigns of their own power companies this week in Power Grid by Rio Grande Games. Joined by, the smartest person they’ve ever met, Becca Park, the boys auctioned power plants, bought resources, built cities and powered the crap outta those cities. Which fuel is best between coal, oil, trash, nuclear and green energy? Find out in this week’s episode! The boys also learn a bit about Becca’s PHAT brain (she is getting her PhD in Astrophysics), Ricochet Robot and Hanabi.

  • Season Two, Episode 1.5 – Kolossal Games

    The Board Boys are back with their first bonus episode of Season Two. In this episode the boys sit down to discuss Kolossal Games with the company’s president, Travis Chance. Kolossal Games made a big name for themselves earlier this year with their monumentally successful Kickstarter title, Western Legends. Travis breaks down the company’s history, gives us an inside scoop on some of their upcoming releases and gives us a quick glimpse at Kolossal Game’s latest Kickstarter success, Imperius.

  • Season Two Kickoff

    Season Two is here and is kicking off with a bang! To celebrate the launch of Season Two, TBBP held a day-long board game extravaganza, filled with games, pizza and awesome folks, and capped the night off with a live taping.

    Joined by Stephen B., President of Stronghold Games, the boys get an inside look at one of their favorite publishers and what is on the horizon for the team at Stronghold Games, talk about their favorite games from Season One and catch-up with all of our guests from last season.