Season 13, Episode 1 – Expeditions

Board Boys are back with a brand new season (for catalogue purposes) and playing the sequel to Scythe, Expeditions (Stonemaier Games). Also in this Episode, Board Boy Bill joins us for the first half of a Board Boy Bill double feature, Cam gets the podcast canceled again if anyone was listening, and Rob stands in his truth for the first time ever. (This is the first episode in about six months where there isn’t 30 minutes of King’s Dilemma and restaurant talk)

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

2:30 Cam’s peanut-brained question about the theme

4:30 For Sale

9:45 The K Man Audits: Cam’s Top 5 Luciani Games

15:30 Joan of Arc (Orleans roll and write)

18:30 Hadrian’s Wall

23:30 QE

27:45 Expeditions: Overview

32:15 Ice Flow – The Mighty Boosh

33:45 Expeditions: Review

1:11:15 Expeditions: Verdict

1:23:15 Board Boys Bump: Agricola

1:29:00 Thank You, Patrons

1:30:00 Digging for Gold – Sally Oldfield


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