• Season Nine, Bonus Episode Three – Bump or Dumpapolooza and Calico

    Third time is the charm for the third bonus episode this season!  In this one we look at Calico from AEG and Flatout Games!  We also take a trip down memory lane and look back at all the previous games we have reviewed in a massive Bump or Dumpapolooza.  Rob gets to give his hot takes on all the old games before he was on the cast.  Cam digs up some old BB nuggets and conversations and we find out what game Rob created a promo for!  Will someone hand out the elusive 4 boings as we dig through 44..oh wait make it 45 games in our longest most epic podcast yet.  Also in this episode we have some hot news about a new game not announced anywhere else yet and a question to answer in the guild!

  • Season Nine, Episode Twelve – Witchstone

    Your favorite boys are back for another episode tackling the latest, greatest from Huch! and R & R Games, Witchstone. The latest from famed designer Reiner Knizia has players assuming the role of wizards working to recharge the legendary Witchstone. Also this episode: Tim is back and reserves the mantle of board boy number six; Rob gets his gaming fix and make some money in the process; Cam gets his gaming fix and loses some money (lots) in the process; we get this year’s BGG Secret Santa and so much more!

  • Season Nine, Episode Eleven: Bad Company

    Join us from Dallas and BGG Con 2021 with a couple of surprise guests!  This episode we take a deep dive into Bad Company from Aporta Games.  Also in this episode we get a little southern comfort gumbo, Rob and Stephen get to nerd out about Lord of the Rings, Cam has some podcast segue issues, we predict the Crew 3, and talk about all the hotness played at BGG Con 2021!  Also here is the Boing Boing Boing video:

  • Season Nine, Episode Ten: Mombasa

    Your favorite boys are back for a brand new episode – tackling the Alexand Pfister classic, Mombasa. In Mombasa, players acquire shares of chartered companies based in Cape Town, Mombasa, Cairo and Saint Louis. Using a shared map, players then spread their trading posts (also shared) throughout the African continent in order to earn the most money. Also this episode: the boys get really, really into Toto; Cam talks about his rebellious days attending a Cascada show in Texas; Rob pokes holes in Home Alone.

  • Season Nine, Bonus Episode Two – For Glory: Champions Expansion and Cardboard Caucus

    The boys are back for with another bonus episode. This episode the boys were able to preview the latest release from Spielcraft Games, the Champions Expansion for For Glory. For Glory is the game of gladiatorial combat and deckbuilding and the new expansion introduces some interesting new mechanisms, introduces solo mode and increases player count to three or four players. Also this episode, the boys discuss the great games played at Cardboard Caucus. Spoiler, the boys played lots and lots of games.

  • Season Nine, Bonus Episode – Live From Dungeon’s Gate

    Join us for this special podcast episode as Board Boy Rob goes live on location to Dungeon’s Gate for their ribbon cutting ceremony only 18 months after they have been open and in their second location!  We talk to Dungeon’s Gate Rob McAllister about all things game stores.  Also this episode we have a special discount code for Dungeons Gate!  Listen to the episode and you can use it on their website – dungeonsgate.com for shipping or local pickup.  Board Boy Beau joins as well to give his thoughts on two of Dungeon’s Gates latest demo games!  We hope you like Board Games!

  • Season Nine, Episode Nine – Unfathomable

    Your favorite ghouls and goblins are back for another Halloween Spooktacular of TBBP. This year we ventured into troubled waters in Unfathomable from Fantasy Flight Games. Set in the Cthulhu universe, this reimplementation of Battlestar Galactica has players fighting for survival aboard the SS Atlantica while searching for the Hybrid within the group. Also this episode: Josh plays a game first introduced in the 1700s; Rob gets his hidden movement fix; Cam talks Tecmo bowl; Ben bleep bloops; Dave is here!

  • Season Nine, Episode Eight: Chronicles of Crime

    Only 3 Board Boys this week for our review of the app driven, mystery, deduction game Chronicles of Crime from Lucky Duck Games as Josh came down with a serious migraine but is doing much better now!  Also, in this episode, Rob adds some B-Roll, Cam tries to re-invent his image through a new name, Ben brings back an old segment, and PFO Cam also does some unofficial Dungeons Gate ads.  We hope you like board games!

  • Season Nine, Episode Seven: Dice Hospital

    Your favorite boys are back, tackling the intricate world of healthcare management in Dice Hospital from Alley Cat Games. We admitted, treated and discharged patients (dice) with the best of ’em – recruiting new staff and expanding our hospitals to treat a wide range of patients (again … dice). Also this episode: Cam has a new job and is almost PFO; the boys learn the meaning of ELO; Rob hates new music but is older than 33 so it’s okay; Ben and Josh talk vending machines; Flava Flav!

  • Season Nine, Episode Six – Cascadia

    Your favorite boys are back to tackle the latest, greatest from Flatout Games, Cascadia. In Cascadia players take turns drafting tiles and tokens to fill out their environment with as much synergy as possible. Five different species must all coexist in five unique landscapes to score as many points as possible. Also this episode: Rob is obsessed with Applebees and winning money; Cam finally gets a new phone … after a lot of shenanigans, Josh was able to finally play a board game … well … kinda.

  • Season Nine, Episode Four: Merchants Cove

    Your favorite boys are back to tackle the latest, greatest from Final Frontier Games, Merchants Cove. It’s crazy to think that a game has eight unique, asynchronous players but someone this game manages to pull it off really, really well. Also this episode: the boys spend a little too much time talking about their fast food jobs growing up; Josh sucks at math; the boys make their NFL predictions for their favorite teams; and Rob rips a stinker that somehow gets blamed on Josh. We hope you like board games!

  • Season Nine, Episode Four: Ankh – Gods of Egypt

    Your favorite boys are back, tackling the final installment in Eric Lang’s CMON trilogy, Ankh – Gods of Egypt. The boys waged war as Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, sacrificing followers and raising temples, obelisks and pyramids along the way. Normally we’d say only one player wins, but with a clever merge mechanism anythings possible. Also this episode: Josh reminds us that the soundtrack to The Prince of Egypt friggin’ slapped; Ben forgot he played games; and Cam gives Rob the 411 on pumping and dumping.



  • Season Nine, Episode Three – Destinies

    Today one of the Board Boys will walk away knowing their fate is sealed…at least in a board game with a digital app.  In this episode we play Destinies from Lucky Duck Games!  Also in this episode, we talk about Iowa crops and potential “crop circles” out west.  We manage to keep Haiku Cam away from the podcast but instead we get DJ Cam.  Josh didn’t get to play but showed up anyway to enlighten us in the world of board games while Ben tries to steal his job.

  • Season Nine, Episode Two – Tigris and Euphrates

    Your favorite boys are back tackling what has been dubbed as Reiner Knizia’s masterpiece, Tigris & Euphrates. It isn’t often that we play a game on the Top 100 that is over 20 years old. It is even less often that we play a game based on a recommendation from a listener, thanks Todd K., but boy are we glad we did. Also this episode: the boys test their wit attempting to guess ReviewGeek’s “Six Alternatives to Catan”; Josh and Cam revisit alt. christian record labels; and Board Boy Ben wins again … almost!

  • Season Nine, Episode One – Western Legends

    Yeehaw! Gather round cowpoke as y’all’s favorite boys tackle the wild, wild west in Western Legends from Kolossal Games. Ride along as we prospect, pillage, loot and boot scoot boogie our way across the western frontier. Also this episode: The Haiku Kid stops by to drop knowledge in short form poetry; Board Boy Rob revisits our Season Eight finale, On Mars; Board Boy Ben started a game (not we didn’t say finish!); and Board Boy Josh thinks back about a top ONE podcast moment. We hope you like board games.

  • Season Eight, Episode Thirteen: On Mars

    “I admit it’s fairly dangerous, but I’d get to fly around like Iron Man.” -Mark Watney

    Like Mark Watney from The Martian we go On Mars this week from Eagle Gryphon Games!  On this weeks episode we are missing Board Boy Josh but listen closely and maybe you will hear him!  Cam wants BGG to have better editing on it’s game description page and check out our new restaurant named “4 Bens”.  Also Ben challenges Cam to a Haiku and he goes way to far as usual.  Also Rob pops up with a fairly spoiler light review of the puzzliest puzzle game The Initiative!

  • Season Eight, Episode Twelve: Dwellings of Eldervale

    Your favorite boys are back this week to tackle, recent Kickstarter mega-success, Dwellings of Eldervale. This game has it all: colors, elements, big freakin’ miniatures THAT TALK, a clever combat system, tile placement, cards and so much more! Surely with so many quality mechanisms one would think this game a great time … right? Also this episode: Cam practices his Spanish, Ben tries, fails and tries again to perfect the ultimate segue, Rob gets really into geometric symbols and Josh bones out (again).

  • Season Eight, Episode Eleven: Twilight Struggle

    When Board Boy Cam jet sets to Miami and Board Boy Ben is unavailable there is only one thing you can do … crack open the number one War game on BGG … Twilight Struggle. Your FAVORITE boys relive the Cold War in this epic two player game from GMT Games. Also this episode: the boys spend an unexpected amount of time on Red Rising; Josh introduces a brand new sponsor (they just don’t know it yet); the boys chat about Netflix’s hit, The Queen’s Gambit and so, so much more. I’m back in the U.S.S.R.!

  • Season Eight, Episode 10: Amerigo

    Welp, it finally happened … Board Boy Cam picked a game to feature on the podcast that is NOT currently on the BGG Top 100. Lucky for us, Amerigo by Stefan Feld is very, very fun. Spoiler: more games needs cube towers. In Amerigo, your favorite boys sailed the islands of South America, securing trade routes, building settlements and dropping cubes into a glorious tower. Also this episode: board game boxes nearly tear the podcast apart; Rob scratches his hidden movement itch and Gart Wolfslinger is back!

  • Season Eight, Episode Nine: Praga Caput Regni

    Eggs are one of the most common ingredients in cooking often found in cookies, pastas, custards, crepes and waffles. Eggs are also an excellent base for mortar and were a common item used in the construction of Charles Bridge. In Praga Caput Regni, your favorite boys put their egg brains to work, constructing bridges, city walls and buildings. Also this episode: under the table board game conversation – yay or nay?, popular hits from the 90s, the boys revisit Yokohama and Tim’s back to discuss TI4 (again!).