Season 13, Episode 9 – The White Castle

Thanks for checking out another episode of The Board Boys Podcast!  In this episode we check out The White Castle from Devir Games.  Also in this episode we make like Harold and Kumar and wish we made it to the actual White Castle.  This episode might as well been brought to you by Devir games as we also mention 2 more of their games as well.  Cam became a padre so was out but you can still hear his editing prowess from beyond.  Stay tuned until next episode live from BGGCon!  We hope you like Board Games!


2:00 – White Castle and Uber Banter

6:00 – 3 Ring Circus

11:15 – Savernake Forest

12:20 – Red Cathedral Expansion

15:30 – World Wonders

20:00 – High Season: Grand Austria Hotel Roll and Write

22:15 – Humblebrag by CUT Games

25:30 – Main Review – The White Castle Overview

30:15 – Interlude

31:15 – Initial Thoughts – The White Castle

34:00 – Pros and Cons – The White Castle

53:09 – Final Thoughts – The White Castle

59:35 – Board Boys Bump or Dump – Virtu

1:03:25 – Patron Thanks, Shirts, and BGA Tournaments

1:06:11 – Outro




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