Season 7

  • Season Seven, Episode Six – Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

    Your favorite boys are back coming to you once again from quarantine. The unexpected remote recording could’ve ruined spirits had it not been for the wonderful discussion on Trickerion: Legends of Illusion. There were tricks to learn, materials to prep and illusions to perform but only one board boy could come away as the true heir of Dahlgaard. Also this episode: Josh plays a new dexterity game – spoiler, it is terrible and Rob shares the news about our latest sponsor!


  • Season Seven, Episode Five – Cosmic Encounter

    Your favorite boys are back with an all new episode tackling one of Board Boy Rob’s all-time favorite games, Cosmic Encounter. There are a lot of stories about this game in the Board Boy’s lore – does it live up to the hype? Is this game simply a nostalgic experience or does it deserve to be in the BGG Top 150?!? Also this episode, Cabin Con 2020. In lieu of all game conventions getting canceled this year, the boys threw their own micro-con filled with lots of games and lots of hand sanitizer.


  • Season Seven, Episode Four – The Gallerist

    Your boys are back to tackle the cutthroat world of … *checks show notes* starting their own art galleries? Discovering new artists, buying and selling internationally and building your reputation around the art community are all viable paths to glory in The Gallerist by Vital Lacerda from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Also this episode: Ben is back and played the crappiest dexterity game ever invented; Rob doesn’t get art BUT says art a lot; Cam Kazoos to his heart’s content; and Josh hopes you like board games.


  • Season Seven, Episode Three – Dinosaur Island

    The boys are back and hatching, cracking and showcasing all the dinosaurs your heart could ever desire in Dinosaur Island from Pandasaurus Games. A lot of folks have described this game as “Jurassic Park the eurogame” but is there more to this engine building, 90s-themed game than meets the eye? Also this episode: Josh gives the best advice for your next app download; Rob and Josh clash on the controversial hill “Wingspan, overrated or no?”; and Cam gets to (maybe) play kazoo that tune.


  • Season Seven, Episode Two – Maracaibo

    Your favorite boys are back with another episode, sailing around the Caribbean in the latest Alexander Pfister hit, Maracaibo. Whether upgrading your ship, exploring South America, fighting naval battles, or vying for favor among multiple countries, Maracaibo is a point salad, eurogamers dream. Also this episode: “Wombo vs. Wobble” – the pillars of Cam gaming; Rob explores the Mandela effect; Josh actually played some games; and the boys debate common board game themes. We hope you like board games!


  • Season Seven, Episode One – Underwater Cities

    Your favorite boys are back together again and it feels so, so … well, still kinda bizarre actually. To celebrate the occasion, the boys kicked off a new season with Delicious Games’s Underwater Cities. Can Josh finally approach a game he hates with a fresh perspective? Will Rob talk about kid’s games? Does Cam make it 12 minutes without singing “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?” And where in the world is Ben? All this and more in TBBP season opener. We hope you like board games … and kazoos.