Season 4

  • Season Four, Episode Thirteen – Architects of the West Kingdom

    Well we did it … another season of TBBP is in the books. We close out this chapter on Season Four with a play of Architects of the West Kingdom from Renegade Game Studios/Garphill Games. There is a lot to love in this quick thinker stinker, and no short supply of workers, but is there enough to love? Also this episode: Ben talks about the worst kind of holes, Campbell and Josh hype up some upcoming Midwest board game cons and Rob has an encounter with the game that got away. See ya later Season Four!

  • Season Four, Episode Eleven – Everdell w/ Pearlbrook

    Within the charming valley of Everdell, a civilization of forest critters is thriving and expanding. Also, frog ambassadors from the land of Pearlbrook are hella dope. This week we ventured outside the BGG Top 100 for a stroll through the forest in Everdell. Tableaus were built, resources were collected and critters were acquired in this worker placement/resource management/set collection (kinda) eurogame. Also this episode: Ben shares the best nickname, Josh intros and Rob and Cam played a Feld (shocker!).

  • Season Four, Episode Ten – Caverna: The Cave Farmers

    What do you get when you mix animal mating, a feeding mechanism, pale ones and a million Agricola references? Obviously you get Caverna: The Cave Farmers by Uwe Rosenburg. This week your favorite boys (minus Ben), and guest Cody Lenhart, break down Uwe’s highest rated game on the BGG Top 100 list. Also this episode: Rob shares his secret algorithm for hidden movement games; Josh learns review wars are a thing; Campbell does Campbell things; and Cody shares all the details you need for Cardboard Caucus!

  • Season Four, Episode Nine – Black Angel

    Welp, it finally happened. It only took four seasons, but we’re finally doing a feature episode on a game NOT currently on the BGG Top 100. We generally take this qualifier seriously, but Black Angel from Pearl Games had our full attention at Gen Con. It may currently be 4,269, but it’s number one in our hearts. Also this episode: the boys answer the ultimate gaming question – which original Monopoly piece is best? Ben’s board game collection continues to expand and the boys introduce a new contest!

  • Season 4, Episode 8.5 – Gen Con 2019 Recap

    Still recovering from Gen Con 2019? Don’t worry we are too. This year Rob, Campbell and Josh made the annual trek to Indianapolis, Indiana for the best four days in gaming. Hanging alongside 70k attendees, the boys bought, played and learned about so many great games hitting the market later this year. In this BONUS episode, the boys recap their day by day experiences at the con LIVE from their room (419) at the Westin hotel. We hope you like boardgames.

  • Season Four, Episode Eight – Grand Austria Hotel

    Josh was on vacation this week at San Diego Comic Con and specifically requested we play a game he’d hate. So, this week we ventured overseas to visit the Grand Austria Hotel. Rob, Campbell and Ben pushed the game to its limits in one of the closest finishes we’ve ever recorded! Also this episode: Rob breaks down some of the titles he is most looking forward to at Gen Con 2019, Campbell questions his role on the podcast and Ben takes a crack at the moderator’s chair. Josh is probably boning out somewhere.

  • Season Four, Episode Seven – Star Wars: Rebellion

    (Cue scrolling text) It’s a tale as old as time – the big bad Empire is vying for control of the galaxy and it’s up to the Rebel Alliance to stop them. This week your favorite boys put their force to the test in Star Wars: Rebellion. Lightsaber battles, a Yoda encounter, Ewok adventures and a Kessel Run (or two) ensued in our play of ‘Star Wars in a box.’ Also this episode: Ben shares insight on his favorite childhood games, Mr. Pearson goes to Washington, Josh hits puberty and Campbell talks Mario Maker.

  • Season Four, Episode Six – The Castles of Burgundy

    Welp, it finally happened … The Board Boys finally played Campbell’s favorite game, The Castles of Burgundy. There is a lot to love in this classic point salad, thinker stinker, but is it enough to offset the massive lack of theme? Luckily the boys were joined by Rob’s best half, his wife Amy, to help breakdown one of Stefan Feld’s most popular titles. Also this game, Campbell fills us in on his recent trip to Croatia, Amy and Rob highlight their favorite party game in Cool Game Corner and Josh bones out.

  • Season Four, Episode Five – Food Chain Magnate

    This week your favorite boys grabbed their hair nets and aprons to run a booming fast food empire in Food Chain Magnate. Splotter games has always been known for their intricate mechanisms … did this game live up to that reputation? Did Ben’s price gouging strategy work? Was Campbell’s variety of burgers and pizza enough to draw the crowds? Also this episode: we all played some really, really dope games that we’re also going to talk about. Some of them were more dope than others. We hope you like board games.

  • Season Four, Episode 4.5 – Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig

    Board Boys Campbell and Rob are back with an all new BONUS episode. Joined by Rob’s wife, Amy, and son-in-law/uncle, Callum, the group worked together to build the most impressive castles in Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig. Also this episode, Rob and Amy get to the crux of their beef … spoiler, it’s Rob’s Scythe mechs, Callum does the best American accent we’ve ever heard, Campbell drops some comic book knowledge and Josh and Ben visit from the future. Oh yeah, we’re giving away a copy of BTCOMKL!!

  • Season Four, Episode Four – Anachrony

    This episode the boys are traveling to the future, then back to the past, then to the future again and to the past … again, in Anachrony. Time travel can be a real pain, especially when you don’t remember to return those two water that you borrowed from Jimmy and accidentally open a space anomaly in the process. Also this episode, Ben shares his love for patios, Campbell explains that patios and decks are not the same thing, Rob launches a new podcast about patios and Josh is apathetic to patios.

  • Season Four, Episode 2.5 – Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game

    Our first bonus episode of season four is officially here! Board Boys Campbell and Rob were joined by Jon Lonngren and Bill Pitcher, from Fallen Dominion Studios, to talk all things Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game, what’s next for Fallen Dominion Studios and a bit about the life of an indie board game studio.

    Also this episode, Rob and Cam are joined by our web guru, Callum, to play and discuss Fallen Land, and Rob and Campbell both attempt Scottish accents … it goes terribly.

  • Season Four, Episode Two – Games in the Garden!

    We took an actual field trip this episode to Reiman Gardens in Ames, IA to celebrate the launch of their summer event ‘Nature of the Game’. Besides playing life-sized checkers, chess and connect four on the lawn, we also got in plays of our favorite garden games, Photosynthesis and Arboretum. Also this episode we sit down with volunteer coordinator, Taylor Woodcock, to learn a bit more about the event, its inspiration and the awesome activations planned throughout the year. It’s TBBP live from the garden!

  • Season Four, Episode One – Troyes

    Season Four is officially here and your favorite boys couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by traveling to … umm 1200 France? Turns out 1200 France rules when you’re constructing cathedrals in Troyes. The boys pit their dice against each other to take home glory, but who emerged victorious? Also this episode: Josh embraces his new, favorite catch phrase, Rob is excited to retire a bit, Campbell tries a new segment … that doesn’t work and Ben spoils the group with sweets.