From time to time we will take part in conventions, conferences, meet-ups and more.

Cardboard Caucus

Starts: October 25, 2019 - Ends: October 27, 2019

Where: West Des Moines, IA


This is the inaugural local home con for The Board Boys. Come just us for some open gaming and a possible live podcast that we have in the works!


Starts: November 20, 2019 - Ends: November 24, 2019

Where: Dallas, TX


This will be Rob’s 5th BGGCon and Josh’s 1st experience. Hopefully we can get Cam to come as well! If you are attending we might try to get a meetup setup for this event. Come back and check for details otherwise hit us up on social media for some gaming! Rob will be working as part of Team Geek as well so look for the #34 REPTHRD jersey and say hi!