About The Board Boys

The Board Boys is a biweekly podcast for board game fans of all experience levels. Our episodes discuss in detail highly rated and well loved games, whether recent favorites or tried and true classics. Join us for that and much more, including new game reviews, industry interviews, live gaming, and general buffoonery. We hope you like board games!

Ben Mica


At the time of writing Ben still hasn't provided us with a Bio, 17 months after asking him for one.


In a way, you could say that's all you need to know about Ben.

Campbell Desousa


Campbell is the dude on the podcast who prefaces all his commentary with, 'Here's the thing'.


He is responsible for the majority of the tangential and banal conversation on our otherwise thoughtful podcast, but this is a bio and not an apology, so.


Joshua Ladd

In lieu of a bio, Josh has opted to include a review for one of his favorite board games … Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition.

“This is the most boring game. It's complicated. It took an hour to set up, a day to play, and it wasn't fun once. Strategy and tactics are useless. It's just a dumb waste of time.” 1/5 stars

Ironically, a lot of similarities can be found between Josh and this Twilight Imperium review.

Rob Pearson


Past guest turned host, Rob lives in Iowa with his wife Amy and son Beau. He also has 3 older step daughters that are grown and out of the house.


Rob started out loving more thematic and hidden role games and has grown to also really enjoy complex Euros as well. Theme is still number one and nice looking art and components don't hurt either.


Podcast Reviews

The best boardgame podcast

Informative. Entertaining. Structured enough that it doesn’t ramble, spontaneous enough that it’s never quite the same. I’ve bought several games off of their reviews and they’ve been spot on with the pros and cons (and prawns).

beardedkittens - iTunes review

Great podcast

Love the banter and the thoughtful discussion about the games. Also really like that the podcast’s approach spotlights some older games that are often overlooked.

Sk0l Fan - iTunes review

Two Thumbs Up

If I had more thumbs, I’d give more thumbs up. I’m not super into board games, but this podcast makes me want to be. The guys have good chemistry together and are clearly well-versed in what they love.

s-rami0510 - iTunes review