Season 14, Episode 5 – Wyrmspan ft. Camp Refresh preview

Board Boys are back to make birds out of dragons in Wyrmspan from Stonemaier Games. Also in this episode, Joe Roth of the Dealt Hand shares his thoughts on the game and talks about upcoming (late April ’24) Camp Refresh, a sleepaway camp/gaming retreat in the Des Moines area- check out his segment for a coupon code!

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

10:30 Trellis

11:45 Knight

19:00 Amalfi: Renaissance

26:30 Dune Imperium (the app)

35:45 Turing Machine

40:15 Wyrmspan: Overview

43:00 The Dragon – Biz Markie

44:15 Wyrmspan: Review

1:09:00 Camp Refresh Preview with Joe from the Dealt Hand

1:31:45 Wyrmspan: Verdict

1:42:45 Board Boys Bump: Revive

1:49:30 Thank You, Patrons

1:50:00 Time out of Mind – Steely Dan

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