Season 12, Episode 8 – Atiwa

Board Boys take an educational trip to Ghana, courtesy of celebrated nonfiction author Uwe Rosenberg in Atiwa, by celebrated board game designer Uwe Rosenberg. Will they repopulate the land with a plethora of succulent fruit-bearing trees or will they eat bat?

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jaques Perrey

2:15 Atiwa: The Informational Booklet

7:00 Barrage

13:15 Ark Nova changed scoring methods

19:45 Nintendo Switch Sports- playing golf online

22:30 Quickity Pickity

27:15 Brew

29:30 Dungeons and Dragons: The Yawning Portal

38:45 Atiwa: Overview

40:45 Batty Rap- Robin Williams (Fern Gully)

41:45 Atiwa: Review

1:08:00 Atiwa: Verdict

1:14:00 Board Boys Bump: Return to Dark Tower

1:21:30 Fa Wakoma Ma Me – C.K. Mann (Ghana)

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