Season 12, Episode 4 – Deal With The Devil



Board Boys are back in full force to play Deal With the Devil, a new jam from Czech Games Edition about secret dealing, hosing the peasants, and avoiding inquisition.

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean-Jacques Perrey

6:00 Monumental Consequence

11:30 Fun Facts

15:30 Millennium Blades

23:30 Decorum

25:45 Disney’s Gargoyles Awakening

28:45 Brass: Birmingham

39:45 Deal With the Devil: Overview

43:00 Christine’s Tune – The Flying Burrito Brothers

44:00 Deal With the Devil: Review

1:24:45 Deal With the Devil: Verdict

1:33:45 Board Boys Bump: Golem

1:40:15 Thank You, Patrons

1:41:00 Friend of the Devil – The Grateful Dead