Season 12, Episode 11 – Challengers!

Welcome to the Challenge Family in Challengers!, a game of building a sick deck of zany athletes and seeing how it fares against your opponents when none of you have any control over the order in which cards are played. Also in this episode, Spiel des Jahres contenders 2023 and a little bit of talk about GWT: Rails to the North 2nd Ed.

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

2:00 Capture the Flag and other camp games

6:30 The King’s Dilemma

14:30 Dealmaking ettiquete

19:30 Oranienburger Kanal

24:30 Cascadia

29:45 Awkward Guests

33:34 Challengers!: Overview

37:30 Wrestling promo taunting Razor Ramone and Ric Flair – Ultimate Warrior and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

38:30 Challengers!: Review

59:00 Challengers!: Verdict

1:08:30 Spiel des Jahres 2023 nominees

1:24:00 Board Boys Bump: Great Western Trail 2nd Edtion + mini review Rails to the North

1:38:30 Thank You, Patrons

1:39:15 Challenge Song – I have no idea how to really credit this- Apparently it’s the theme song for Half Challenge Barcelona¬† 2013?

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