Season 12, Episode 10 – Darwin’s Journey

Time to go sailing, Christopher Cross style, in Darwin’s Journey, a game that I think should have been named “Galapoly” – who will publish information on species and fossils and stuff the best, Board Boys, Darwin, or the handsome sailor, Esteban? Find out today on another episode of the world’s first board game podcast except it’s about flying.

0:00 Intro, E.V.A. – Jean Jacques Perrey

1:45 Standing In My Truth (the probably one time only segment): Airplane seating

17:30 Board Game discussion begins

17:45 Bamboo

19:45 Akropolis (again)

22:15 Silo (Rob talks about TV)

27:00 Darwin’s Journey: Overview

29:00 Galapagos – Slawa Przybylska

30:30 Darwin’s Journey: Review

1:16:15 Darwin’s Journey: Verdict

1:22:00 Top 5 Luciani games

1:27:30 Board Boys Bump: Perseverance

1:32:00 Thank You, Patrons

1:32:45 Sailing- Christopher Cross

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