• Episode Nine – Puerto Rico

    Board Boy Frank’s birthday episode is here! In honor of Frank the boys play one of Frank’s all-time favorite games, Puerto Rico!

    Joined by Frank’s step-brother, Jimmy Hobbs, the boys get into the nostalgia of games, their mixed emotions on remastering board (and video) games and talk about how good, bad, great and frustrating the game Puerto Rico can be.

    The boys also take their first (and last) spin using a soundboard! Get ready to laugh out loud to the sounds of rapper megaphone, sad horn and ‘HAM’.

  • Episode Eight – Blood Rage

    The Board Boys lived, pillaged and died gloriously this week in Blood Rage by CMON games. Joined by Casey Knue, the boys embraced the coming of Ragnarok while recruiting powerful monsters, upgrading their armies and scoring all the victory points before the ultimate destruction of Earth.

    This week the boys also get ‘beefy’ identifying the 2018 ‘beefs’ they’re hoping to start (or continue) throughout the year. Spoiler – Marilyn Manson high school lore and Mobb Deep are officially on notice.

  • Episode 7.5 – Werewords

    The Board Boys are coming in HOT with another bonus episode. In this weekend’s episode we finally completed one of Board Boy Cam’s bucket list desires, playing a board game live on the podcast.

    To do this we were joined by Casey Knue to play a few rounds of Werewords by Bézier Games. Play along and see if you can figure out the mystery word while also figuring out who the Seeker and the Werewolf may be!

  • Episode Seven – Alchemists

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome to the first (and best) episode of The Board Boys Podcast released in 2018. In this week’s episode the boys attended wizarding school, specifically potions class, to brew up some bewitching, bewildering and beautification spells in Alchemists by Czech Games Edition.

    Joined by local board game legend, Rob Pearson, the boys break down the history of Des Moines’ growing board game community, the exciting things happening at Arkham Games and Rob shares his tips for starting a quality, lasting game group.



  • Episode Six – Village

    Members of a 19th-century community fear the strange creatures that inhabit the surrounding forest. PLOT TWIST we didn’t watch The Village, but we did play Village in this week’s episode. Joined by resident cool guy, Brad Turk, the boys took turns strategically killing generations (RIP Great Aunt Judith) to score as many victory points as possible.

    In addition to growing our village the boys also discuss their favorite games to buy in a last-minute holiday pinch, Frank’s primary sales goal at Target and the cool shows Brad’s bands have coming up!

  • Episode Five – Mansions of Madness

    Welcome to Episode Five of the Board Boys Podcast! Things got a little spooky in this episode as the Board Boys fought cultists, mobs and a few bad cases of insanity in Mansions of Madness.

    Joined by Josh’s lovely wife, Sammi, the group fought to their last breath frantically trying to escape Innsmouth alive. To help lighten the mood the boys discuss Sammi’s experiences growing up with Disney board games and discuss Campbell’s winning idea for a Twilight board game (Frank and Josh are totes team Jacob).

  • Episode Four – Viticulture

    Happy Franksgiving everyone! The board boys celebrated Thanksgiving this year by uncorking a bottle of Viticulture with their friend, and unofficial board boy, Ben.

    In this week’s episode the boys talk about their favorite games to play with family while home for the holidays, Ben’s podcast The Story to Tell and breakdown the board game Viticulture by Stonemaier Games. Hear the boys thoughts on running a successful winery, and the challenges one encounters when looking kind of like a pervert.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  • Episode Three – Eclipse

    The Board Boys blasted into outer space this episode to boldly explore wormholes, harvest minerals and wage war in Eclipse! Joined by local wrestling fan, mini-pig owner and comic book author, Dustin Murrell, the boys break down this outer space epic. The boys also learn about the joys of owning a Mini-Juliana pig (spoiler – they’re adorable) and how Mega Chomp (your new favorite superhero) continuously saves Cinderella, the Three Little Pigs, Snow White and many more of your favorite childhood characters.

    Did the humans finally conquer the galaxy or did one of the alien races come away with the victory? Listen to Episode Three now to find out!

  • Episode Two – Clank!

    This week the Board Boys donned their best burgle gear as they ventured through a dungeon and eluded (or at least tried to elude) a fierce dragon in Clank!

    The boys were joined by local IT guy and vintage video game collector, Adam Faircloth. Adam entertained the boys with tales of his experience working at an Apple Store and his quest for the ultimate video game.

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  • Episode One – Terra Mystica

    Welcome to the debut episode of The Board Boys podcast. The boys went head-to-head this week, terraforming everything in sight, in Terra Mystica.

    Joined by local musician (and D&D healer), Josh Adams, the boys battled it out as Chaos Magicians, Engineers, Nomads and Darklings. Tune into this week’s episode to hear our thoughts on the game (spoiler: Darklings are good…really, really good) and learn all about the time Campbell saw someone get hit by a bicycle.