• Season 11, Episode 11 – Virtu

    This time on The Board Boys we take a look at governing some Italian cities in Virtu from Super Meeple and designer Pascal Ribrault.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all the listeners out there and our gift to you is a mega episode that went a little long!  We do a Board Boys Secret Santa among the Boys and take a look at what we got!  We slip back into some Halloween horror mode and talk about Final Girl and horror movies in general.   We also talk about Akropolis, Ticket to Ride Europe, a deep dive of the So Clever 4-pack of games, Verdant, Chronicles of Avel, Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar, Splendor Duel, and Caesar’s Empire.  We hope you like Boardgames!

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  • Season 11, Episode 10 – Ultimate Railroads

    All aboard the train of unrealistic hype from Board Boy Cam as we finally tackle Ultimate Railroads from Hans im Gluck, a train game that really isn’t a train game at all, but a worker placement deal with exploding scores and hecka combo wombos. Also discussed in this episode: Pro Wrestling, kayfabe, Jelle’s Marble Runs, Can’t Stop, Marrakesh and the Stefan Feld figurine therein.

    Music: E.V.A – Jean Jacque Perrey, Back on the Chain Gang – Pretenders, Midnight Train to Georgia – Gladys Knight and the Pips

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  • Season 11, Episode 9 – Flamecraft (LIVE from BGGCon)

    Joined by Board Game Gumbo and Grant’s Game Recs, Board Boys talk Flamecraft, the beautiful new hit from Cardboard Alchemy and designer Manny Vega. Flamecraft is a game about sweet-talking cute little dragons into making artisan goods in a charming fantasy village, but does it also have some teeth? Also discussed, favorites from BGGCon 2022.

    Music: E.V.A. – Jean-Jacques Perrey, Dragon Tales Theme Song – Mary Wood, Dead or Alive (Double Dragon II Theme) – Meldac Corp’s Double Dragon II Arranged Soundtrack

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  • Season 11 – Blue Orange Games Bonus Episode

    Hey everyone!  I special bonus episode is dropping that has Board Boy Rob and Board Boy Beau talking about some of the new games from Blue Orange Games!  Getting an 8 year old to hold still and talk into the mic is fun so don’t mind a little bit of rustling noise in the recording!  See which games Beau gives his biggest ratings to!

    Games discussed:  Museum Suspects, Next Station London, Bag of Chips, Pop The Box, and Ice Hoppers.  With a special look at Surgery Masters!

  • Season 11, Episode 8 – Twilight Inscription

    Board Boys are back to play the fattest blank and write since Hadrian’s Wall, the Twilight Imperium-themed Twilight Inscription. Can a dice chucker with a bright orange pen feel like TI, even with four sheets for each player to mark?

    Other games discussed: Twilight Imperium 4th Ed. (Again), Meadow, The Great American Mail Race, Hadrian’s Wall, Ultimate Railroads, Flamecraft, Pandemic Rapid Response, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Memoir ’44, Tower of Madness, Broom Service.

    Music: E.V.A. – Jean-Jacques Perrey, Happy Birthday, Tony! – Woosh from Mars (The Birthday Boys), Anus of Uranus – Klaatu

  • Season 11, Episode 7 – My Father’s Work

    Happy Halloween from Board Boys, we’re tackling My Father’s Work by T.C. Petty III and Renegade Game Studios, a mad scientist worker placement game with branching storylines. Who will honor their forefathers and who will fail and die peniless?

    Other games discussed: Dominion, Chakra, Sea Salt and Paper, Manic Mages, Dungeons and Dragons, Birdwatcher, Root (at 5p), Goetia- The Nine Kingdoms of Solomon, Betrayal at House on the Hill 3rd Ed., Fearsome Floors

    Music: He’s So Shy – The Pointer Sisters, Aaa – They Might Be Giants


  • Season 11, Episode 6 – Carnegie

    Board Boys swear allegiance to the steel industry as well as public libraries during a game of Carnegie from Quined Games and designer Xavier Georges. Cam edits out 95 percent of the episode, Kersting starts tracking his plays, and Rob does a great impression of his cinematic hero.

    Other games discussed: Caverna, Twilight Inscription, A Study in Emerald, Dark Moon

    Board Boys Bump: Chronicles of Crime

    Music: E.V.A. – Jean-Jacques Perrey, Tinseltown in the Rain – The Blue Nile, In a Big Country – Big Country (this episode’s nasty jams are brought to you by Scottish born innovators, just like Andrew Carnegie himself)


  • Season 11, Episode 5 – Hansa Teutonica

    Board Boys are back and finally ready to review Hansa Teutonica (Andreas Steding, Pegasus Spiele) wayyyyy after it came out, but hey, there’s a Big Box now.

    Other games discussed: (warning, the podcast starts talking about games 17 min in this time) Look at the Stars, Ticket to Ride, Bitoku (again), Unearth, Space Station Phoenix (again), Dulce, 1960: The Making of the President, Kites, Next Station: London (Flip and write? Flippin’ right!), Regicide.

    Board Boys Bump: Dice Hospital

    Music: E.V.A. – Jean-Jacques Perrey, Da da da, ich lieb dich nicht du liebst mich nicht aha aha aha – Trio, Naturträne – Nina Hagen


  • Season 11, Episode 4 – Bitoku

    Board Boys are back and respecting the spirit of the forest for Bitoku, a game about having many rivers to cross. Also in this episode: Wormholes, Canvas, Space Station Phoenix, Shadows Over Camelot, Cosmic Encounter, Museum Suspects, Hansa Teutonica, Dice Throne, Marvel United. Board Boys Bump: Cascadia


  • Season 11, Episode 3 – Agricola

    Board Boys Podcast is finally reviewing Agricola just in time for the game to be old enough to drive. Also in this episode, we discuss our respective entries into gaming, introduce a new segment in which listeners share their opinions on games we review, and spend too long comparing the titular Agricola to the legends of classic rock.


  • Season 11, Episode 2 – Foundations of Rome

    In this episode, we play a short(ish) game in a huge box, Foundations of Rome, from Emerson Matsuuchi and Arcane Wonders. Also in this episode, Cardboard Caucus recap, Game of Thrones talk, and Board Boy Cam keeps critically missing the landing on tired jokes.


  • Season 11, Episode 1 – First Rat

    Board Boys are back, baby, for the season 11 opener, First Rat, by Gabriele Ausiello and Virginio Gigli. Board Boys Tim and Jake make their first appearance as regular hosts and good sport Dealt Hand Joe joins us for the episode after a very long game of Twilight Imperium. Also, we take a look back at several previous episodes in an extended Board Boys Bump, Cam talks Tetris music, and Rob introduces the homies to a game about psychics, pizza, and spooky ghosts.


  • Season X Finale – Great Western Trail 2nd Edition

    Although we’ve come to the end of the road – still I can’t let go.
    It’s unnatural – you belong to me, I belong to you. Although we’ve come to the end of the road – still I can’t let go. It’s unnatural – you belong to me, I belong to you.

    Your favorite boys are back as Board Boy Josh and Board Boy Ben officially ride off into the sunset in Great Western Trail Second Edition. This episode the boys look back on the games they’ve played over the past five years and dust off an old faorite, kazoo that tune. 


  • Season Ten, Episode Twelve: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episode 1 & 2

    Your favorite boys are back to tackle another recent Kickstarter megahit from Mindclash Games, Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles – Episode 1 & 2. Also this episode: Adele, Ashanti, Beck, Beyoncé, Björk, Bono, Che, Ciara, Coolio, Drake, Eminem, Fabio, Fergie, Flea, Kesha, Lorde, Madonna, Morrissey, Nas, Nelly, Oprah, Pink, Prince, Rihanna, Seal, Shakira, Sinbad, Sting, Teller, Twiggy, Xzibit, Zendaya and so, so many more. Board Boy Josh also revisits some of his favorite, and most infuriating moments from his five years on the podcast. We hope you like board games!


  • Season Ten, Episode Eleven: Battle of Five Armies

    Half of your favorite boys are back with a brand new episode to tackle Battle of Five Armies from Ares Games. Rob and Ben tackled War of the Ring (also from Ares Games) earlier this season soooooo how does Battle of Five Armies hold up? Will the Elven king, the Dwarves of Dain Ironfoot, and the Men of the Lake defend themslves against the likes of Bolg, son of Azog? Or, will Bilbo and Galdalf perish in a last stand at the Front Gate? Also this episode: Rob’s mailbox explodes with recent Kickstarter deliveries; Josh shares clues about the epic conclusion of season X; Rob and Cam save the world from aliens (we’re assuming that is why they aren’t here). 


  • Season X, Episode X: Return to Dark Tower

    Your favorite boys are back to tackle a recent Kickstarter mega, colossal, gargantuan, mammoth success, Return to Dark Tower. Sure this game raised over $4 MM via crowdfunding, but where does it rank on the boing, boing, boing scale?!? Also this episode: Tim dishes on his favorite books, and books he has never read; speaking of books, Josh tackles the Bible with the dopest rap ever; Josh also shares a quick update on the future of the podcast as we near the end of season X… gon’ give it to ‘ya. 


  • Season Ten, Episode Nine – Wonderland’s War

    Board Boys are back with special guest Jason Gould and guest host extraordinaire Two Hundred time Tim Kersting to play Wonderland’s War, a bag building push your luck area control game set in the probably opium-influenced world of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Buckle up for 18 minutes on TI4 and that’s no joke. Also, Beetlejuice comes to the world of Musical Theater and Board Boy Rob played a Game of Cat and Mouth. We hope you like board games.

  • Season Ten, Episode Eight – Ark Nova

    This time on the Board Boys we go over the current mega hotness Ark Nova from Capstone Games!  Join us as we work hard on our conservation and appeal in our individual zoos.  We are visited by a guest this week and talk about some other great games including Last Light, Bunny Kingdom, Key to the Kingdom, and Isle of Cats!  Josh tries to get Rob to buy everyone’s boardgames at Dungeons Gate and we enter the hot seat once again!  We hope you like board games!

  • Season Ten, Episode Seven: Dinogenics

    Your favorite boys are back proving that life truly does find a way. This episode the dino boys tackled DinoGenics from Ninth Haven Games. DinoGenics is a competitive game for two to five players, in which each player attempts to build and run their own successful dinosaur park. Also this episode: Rob and Josh revisit the World of Warcraft discussion; Josh sets the record straight on the Lords of Waterdeep episode; and Ben breaks down his Wordle strategy. We hope you like Dinosaur board games!

  • Season Ten, Episode Six: Golem

    In this episode, The Board Boys tackle Golem from Cranio Creations!  Also in this episode, Cam tries out a sports metaphor, we talk about old MMO exploits, and the boys also played a great game of Lords of Waterdeep.  Ten time Tim is back and talks about being a Euchre hustler and can Campbell improve society with his new rule?  All that and more!  There Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now! Boing boing boing!