• Season Eight, Episode Eight: Viscounts of the West Kingdom

    The Boys are headed back to the West Kingdom again to do battle as Viscounts this time.  TK is back to guest host this week and we all learn how to say VI-Counts from Cam.  Also Cam hits up a road trip in search of taco pizza and conquering the Billboard Top 500.  We all become Expert level gamers.  Also how good is 4 player TI4?  In the end we talk about how different an initial and final thought should be.  We hope you like boardgames!

  • Season Eight, Episode Seven: Dune Imperium

    Your favorite boys are back, venturing to the treacherous planet Arrakis, to mine all of the spice in Dune Imperium. Luckily, we had our good friend Tim K. join this week – I think he may be a Bene Gesserit. Water is precious, the spice is life and fear is the mind killer. Also this episode: Rob and Cam continue to refine the Boing, Boing, Boing ranking system; Josh takes “push your luck” to a new extreme; and Cam discusses the latest list he is conquering. We hope you like board games.

  • Season Eight, Episode Six: CloudAge

    Oh-ee-yeah, CloudAge. Oh-ee-yoh, CloudAge. Board Boys for life, through thick and thin with another game to win! This week your favorite boys took to the skies in the latest strategy game from Alexander Pfister and Arno Steinwender, CloudAge! Pfister has set his bar pretty high in recent years with games like GWT and Maracaibo … does CloudAge meet the bar? Also this episode: Josh is back, Rob still hasn’t played his SS games, Cam changes his name and the “Boing, boing, boing” rating scale is introduced.

  • Season Eight, Episode Five: Fields of Arle

    Country roads, take me home, To the place I belong, East Frisia, bogs and peat , Take me home, country roads.  On this episode, of The Board Boys Podcast we head to East Frisia to drain the swamps and farm the grounds in Fields of Arle by Uwe Rosenberg and published by ZMAN Games.  Also in this episode, Rob and Cam talk about their favorite games from 2020 and a few other 2020 gaming superlatives.  How are Cam’s tink tonks coming?  Did you ever watch Garfield and Friends? After a hiatus, a certain friend is back with a classic segment.  We hope you like boardgames!

  • Season Eight, Episode Four: War of the Ring

    There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will. And he does not share power…and in this episode his name is Ben.  This week on the podcast we dip into the grand opus that is War of the Ring 2nd Edition by Matagot Games.  We might be missing some of the crew this episode but it allowed us to check out this 2 (mostly) two player gem.  Also in this precious ‘sode come check out where in the world are Cam and Josh!  We also dip into some serious movie talk, Rob talked about his favorite YouTube channel and Cobra Kai.  Also, Ben lived in New Zealand when he was 16??  We hope you like boardgames!

  • Season Eight, Episode Three: Trajan

    Look who’s back, back again, Trajan’s back, tell a friend.  In this episode of the podcast, we dust off another classic from the Top 100 before it falls off the list with Trajan from HUCH! Games.  Also in this episode [-  the will they won’t they saga with Cam and Aquatica, Ben tries to read the GoT Catan rules, and Josh digs a crunchy Eurogame?!?!  We also explore the innerworkings of Beau’s mind with his new game Monster Crusher and we take a furry look back in our Bump or Dump segment!

  • Season Eight, Episode Two: Lost Ruins of Arnak

    Your favorite boys are back, exploring the depths of an uninhabited island in uncharted seas in the Lost Ruins of Arnak from Czech Games Edition. We don’t often review games that just came out so you know this one has to have something special. Also this episode: board gaming resolutions for 2021; Part II of the BoardGameArena Advent Calendar Dab on the Haters Spectacular; Ben gushes about his favorite store in the history of stores; Rob walks back one of his worst, more controversial board game takes.

  • Season Eight, Episode One – The Isle of Cats

    Gather round all you cool cats and kittens as we kick off a brand new season of The Board Boys Podcast! We rescued as my cats as possible from the evil Lord Vesh in Isles of Cats from publisher, The City of Games. Also this episode: Cam shares his top five polyomino games; Ben brings his experience hosting the podcast full circle; the return of “beef or plug” – Board Game Arena advent calendar edition; and the first annual Board Boys Secret Santa gift exchange. See ya later 2020, hello 2021!

  • Season Seven, Episode Thirteen: Keyflower

    Your favorite boys are back to put season seven to rest with a game that is definitely a KEYper, tackling Keyflower from R&D Games. We’ve had our fair share of heated discussions in the history of the podcast but none more exhausting than our latest discussion on Keyflower’s high BGG ranking. Also this episode: Josh recommends his favorite holiday movie; Cam channels his inner professional bowler Peter Weber; Rob vows to bring back a social platform from a different time; and Ben is bumping and dumping.

  • Season Seven, Episode Twelve – Marco Polo II

    We are sailing back from China in this episode of The Board Boys.  Join us as we take the roles of explorers in the age of Marco Polo.  In this episode: will anyone be able to figure out the naming ambiguity of the Marco Polo series?  Cam asks if you have ever seen a guy wearing a bolo and a polo, Josh played a new and an old game, Ben broke the mold and played something the rest of us haven’t and can Rob breaks down some non-spoiler Pandemic Legacy Season 0!

  • Season Seven, Episode Eleven: Barrage

    Your boys are back with a brand new episode, building dams in the Dystopic 1930s in Barrage by Tommaso Battista and Simone Luciani. Rob and Campbell have long been members of the “Italian Design House Mafia” fan club so this game was destined to be a hit, but are there cracks in this dam’s foundation?!? Also this episode: Rob and Cam introduce their latest board game dojo, Cam finds his board game doppelganger in Tommaso Battista, Ben forgot to bring OREOs, and Josh played a game with an open mind.

  • Season Seven, Episode Ten – Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein

    Your favorite boys are back for a brand new Halloween Spooktacular, crafting creatures in Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein from Plaid Hat Games. It isn’t often a Eurogame just dripping (no pun intended) with theme comes along so you know we were excited to get this to the table. This game is spooky, clever and definitely thinky BUT is it good? Also this episode: a special guest, some other Halloween games to help put you in the holiday spirit, Rob’s Prospero Hall “Top 5” and more!

  • Season Seven, Episode Nine – Cyclades

    Your favorite boys are back rounding out the trilogy of Matagot Games “dudes on a map” series with Cyclades. Joined by guest, Tim K., the boys vied for control of the Cyclades Islands, worshipping the gods, maneuvering their armies and establishing metropolises. Cyclades is known for its unique auction mechanism but is the mechanism alone enough to put this game at the top of the trifecta’s list? Also this episode: Tim discusses some unique TI4 variations, Rob shares a hamster update and Cam talks Clank!

  • Season 7, Episode 8.5 – Rob Daviau Interview

    It’s our first bonus episode of Season Seven and we couldn’t have asked for a better guest, Rob Daviau. Rob is best known for his work creating the legacy games genre and for his work as Chief Restoration Officer at Restoration Games. In this week’s bonus episode we hopped on Zoom to get a download on Pandemic Legacy: Season Zero; find out the latest with Return to Dark Tower; learn how the first legacy game came to be (thanks Risk!); and answer some hot take food questions – is a hotdog a sandwich or no?

  • Season Seven, Episode Eight – Paladins of the West Kingdom

    Your favorite boys are back with an all new episode, breaking down the Garphill Games/Renegade Games Studios latest hit, Paladins of the West Kingdom. It’s another Shem Phillips game so that can only mean one thing … Gart Wolfslinger is back and ready to out thinker stinker the rest of the boys on his quest for board game glory. Also this episode: Rob gives a sneak peak to the latest Tapestry expansion, Cam spills the beans on Meeple Overboard’s deepest secret and Ben plays a truly unique dexterity game.

  • Season Seven, Episode Seven – Race for the Galaxy & Roll for the Galaxy

    This week on The Board Boys we play a couple of Top 100 twinsies with Race For The Galaxy and Roll For The Galaxy from Rio Grande Games.  Come find out which we liked better!  Also, another rocking Board Boys Bump or Dump lookback at Troyes!  Also in this episode, come find out all the spoilers in Josh’s life.  Is football season really ready to roll back around?  Ben actually played some board games!  Rob and Cam played a bunch of brand new games and some of them are digital – all this week on The Board Boys!

  • Season Seven, Episode Six – Trickerion: Legends of Illusion

    Your favorite boys are back coming to you once again from quarantine. The unexpected remote recording could’ve ruined spirits had it not been for the wonderful discussion on Trickerion: Legends of Illusion. There were tricks to learn, materials to prep and illusions to perform but only one board boy could come away as the true heir of Dahlgaard. Also this episode: Josh plays a new dexterity game – spoiler, it is terrible and Rob shares the news about our latest sponsor!


  • Season Seven, Episode Five – Cosmic Encounter

    Your favorite boys are back with an all new episode tackling one of Board Boy Rob’s all-time favorite games, Cosmic Encounter. There are a lot of stories about this game in the Board Boy’s lore – does it live up to the hype? Is this game simply a nostalgic experience or does it deserve to be in the BGG Top 150?!? Also this episode, Cabin Con 2020. In lieu of all game conventions getting canceled this year, the boys threw their own micro-con filled with lots of games and lots of hand sanitizer.


  • Season Seven, Episode Four – The Gallerist

    Your boys are back to tackle the cutthroat world of … *checks show notes* starting their own art galleries? Discovering new artists, buying and selling internationally and building your reputation around the art community are all viable paths to glory in The Gallerist by Vital Lacerda from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Also this episode: Ben is back and played the crappiest dexterity game ever invented; Rob doesn’t get art BUT says art a lot; Cam Kazoos to his heart’s content; and Josh hopes you like board games.


  • Season Seven, Episode Three – Dinosaur Island

    The boys are back and hatching, cracking and showcasing all the dinosaurs your heart could ever desire in Dinosaur Island from Pandasaurus Games. A lot of folks have described this game as “Jurassic Park the eurogame” but is there more to this engine building, 90s-themed game than meets the eye? Also this episode: Josh gives the best advice for your next app download; Rob and Josh clash on the controversial hill “Wingspan, overrated or no?”; and Cam gets to (maybe) play kazoo that tune.